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Individual Investors

Investing Intelligently

By working with WCCM, you'll have access to investment strategies built for today's volatile markets.


WCCM has the resources to ensure a targeted and informed investment experience.



Understanding the unique personal and financial goals of our clients is the first step in building suitible investment strategies. As goals change, you need your financial strategies to stay current and effective. This is where our absolute return investment approach is so powerful.



Keeping an eye on investment performance is a critical step in ensuring the success of your financial goals. WCCM utilizes many state of the art systems that help track overall portfolio performance and we closely monitor our investment managers. This allows us to always be in line with client goals and risk tolerence



Often times, investors are unaware of how much risk their portfolios are actually exposed to. They take advice from their financial consultants who may not pay attention to or fully understand the level of market risk that the client is comfortable with or should have. Consequently, many investors experience sever losses that wipe out many years of gains. Our approach to investing is always risk management first, wealth accumulation second. 

"Building portfolios that play defense without limiting upside potential is at the core of our investment philosophy. By identifying and using some of the best money managers that are available today in the fee only world of investing, we are able to provide to our clients an investment experience that what was once only available to the high net worth and institutions. "


- Greg Brown, CEO



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