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World Class Money Managers

Proper risk-management protects and grows wealth.

Look at the Experts
WCCM uses investment strategies that are similar to what large institutions will use when growing their wealth. The retail investor today primarily use Strategic or Buy and Hold strategies that are employed by big name Wall Street firms. We have partnered with some of the best money management firms that employ Tactical and Dynamic styles of investing which provide the investor exactly what their looking for ..The Opportunity for Growth with Downside Protection, The Best of Both Worlds!


Abandon Buy & Hold
The problem is when markets decline the majority of asset classes decline as well. Modern Portfolio Theory or “Buy and Hold” didn’t provide any protection for investors over the recent bear markets of 2000 and 2008, where some asset classes experienced declines of 50% or more, and took many years to recoup losses.
World Class Money Managers
By partnering with other Registered Investment Advisory Firms we are able to capture some of the best investment managers available today in the world of fee only money management. We look at hundreds of managers and select only the ones that have exhibited the following characteristics:  The ability to capture solid gains relative to their asset class, and more importantly the ability to limit losses in down markets


Our strategies are designed to provide the potential to deliver in any market. We believe our investment goals reflect what many of today’s investors are seeking—a steady approach to generating returns while carefully navigating market turbulence. We seek to maintain this consistent, incremental approach.

We can access global markets by partnering with experienced money managers that make real-time trading decisions based on market conditions. 

The Use of Tactical & Dynamic Stategies
DYNAMIC  A Dynamic Strategy maintains the ability to revert to a defensive position during certain market environments such as bonds, cash and commodities. Typically a dynamic strategy will be fully invested at all times and vary the investments within the strategy based on the selected market indicators of the individual strategy.
TACTICAL  A Tactical Strategy seeks to actively rebalance client assets held in various categories in order to take advantage of moves in the market and/or market sectors. Tactical strategies can be short term or long term in nature, and will generally move in or out of market positions, often times moving into cash or short term government securities during bear market conditions to protect capital. There may be periods of time when a tactical strategy will remain in cash positions for extended periods of time if the strategy indicators dictate.
Benefits of WCCM Portfolios

By using a diverse mix of money managers and at the most allocating up to 15% of an entire portfolio to just one manager, our portfolios have the potential for much lower volatility with very high Sharp ratios which is an important measurement of investment efficiency.

Return potential regardless of market conditions

Diversified return potentials with potentially less volatility

Use of Alternatives
To help stabilize a portfolio intelligent investing also includes the use of some alternatives within a portfolio that have little correlation to the overall stock market.  This is an area that has been successfully used by the high net worth and large endowments while virtually ignored by the retail investor.

Flexible portfolios that react to changing markets

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