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We offer risk-managed portfolios that are tailored to meet long term financial goals. 

We strive to conduct our business with the highest standards of ethics, trust, and responsibility. Our goal is to operate with your best interest and to build a relationship for the long term. 
West Coast Capital Management is a boutique style independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm. We have no Wall Street parent firm that we answer to, we have only our clients. Having complete independence allows us to offer ideas and strategies out of a universe of investment plans. 


There can't be enough said about the importance of risk management but sadly many investors don't fully understand how much risk they are actually exposed to. Clarifying this element of the investment process is a critical first step. 
We have a broad understanding and experience in building investment portfolios of all kinds. Having the ability to pick and chose from a multitude of strategies in the industry gives us many solutions for our client's needs. 
Twice over the last two decades investors have experienced devastating losses of 25 to over 50% of their portfolios to bear markets. We want to provide a different opportunity, one that hasn't been readily available to most, the use of high quality money managers, each with the ability to protect capital.  


  • Founded: 2006

  • Services: Investment and Portfolio Management

  • Portfolios: All Levels of Risk Exposure

  • Strategies: Utilizing the best in class money managers using Tactical and Dynamic investing across all markets, including alternatives.


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